A Brief Overview: Paint Matching Apps For iPhone

Martin Wilson

Aug 05, 2022


With the help of modern tax apps, filing taxes is now a practical and streamlined process. In addition, they facilitate the process of taxation. Further, the programme facilitates the digital completion of all tasks associated with painting a home or a match. You can experiment with different hues until you find the ideal tone for your picture with paint matching apps for iPhone.

There are numerous methods for matching paints to your desired colour, and you can even use photographs to help you settle on the perfect shade. A saying goes like this, "Color is life, and the place you call home is where you spend it." As a result, if you choose wisely, your daily life can be brightened by a splash of colour. Not the case? Using the right paint colour finder is essential to paint your house quickly and effectively.

Color Grab

Colour Grab is widely used as an app for identifying colours. The beneficial features of Color Grab include:

Colour lock indication

Instantaneous Colorimeter Readings (colour metering). Changes in hue. Use the Tune Tool to adjust the colour. The shot's colour was analysed. Put the colour you've selected into the clipboard. A chance to share your hue with those around you. Use the colour you choose as the wallpaper on your phone. As a lock, the colour serves as an indicator. Locate a hue within the picture. When the lighting is low, people use flashlights to see what they're doing. Colour Grab works with various colour spaces, including HSL Lab, HSL CMYK LUV, and HSL. Export formats range from GIMP Text to Krita to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to PNG image samples.

Most Accurate Color Grabber: Nix Paints

You can "grab" colours from any photo or surface using this app if you have a Nix Mini Colour Sensor. The colour of the surface will be shown on the sensor when it is placed on it. When you've decided on the perfect shade of paint, you can use a retailer locator to track down a nearby store that stocks that brand. The colour scans can be saved for later use, and the colour matching feature can be used in the design of visual projects. While the app is free, it requires a sensor to function.

Paint Tester

Paint Tester is a quick and easy way to find the perfect shade for your home's interior. This programme will help you visualise your colour choices for rooms like the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. No longer need to deliberate and propose alternative colour schemes for wall coverings or paint. To begin, either go through your existing photos and find the one you want to use or take a picture of the space right now. Select the hue you want from the many available options. If you use the wrong colour during the painting process, you won't ruin it with this programme.

Best Paint Project Planner: Color Capture

If you enjoy Benjamin Moore paints, you will find this app useful. Please take a picture of something colourful that catches your eye, and the app will tell you what paint colour comes closest to it. Use the free program to make notes, save colours, and show them off to friends. You can also do a store locator and colour selection.

Pixolor - Live Color Picker

This app uses a different technique than others that rely on your phone's camera to identify colours. If the colour you want to identify is displayed on your Android device's screen, Pixolor is an excellent app. You can get all the information about a colour you need in the form of an animated circle on your screen. You'll love this app because of its detailed pixel-level information if you're a designer. This app is perfect for those with low vision because it will help them determine what colour something is. With the sharing option, you can also talk about the specifics of the colour. The hue wheel colour picker and the ability to pinch to zoom in and out are two more helpful features.

Pocket Palette

With Pocket Palette, you can experiment with colour schemes by swapping out existing hues or adding new ones. Like many analogous apps, Pocket Pallet lets users pick colours directly from digital photos. It merely displays a scheme whose primary colours are drawn from your captured image.

Paint My Place

This colour's enticing qualities One advantage of the My Place app is that it is impartial, and anyone's paint manufacturer does not own the final colour suggestion. You can use a photo taken of the space you want to paint within the free app. You can choose from thousands of colours offered by 25 manufacturers, including Benjamin Moore, Farrow &'' Ball, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams.


The colours you see in these apps may not accurately represent how the paint looks in your home due to differences in screen resolution and other variables. Start with a small amount of paint and use the apps with colour cards purchased from the paint store to ensure you have the exact colour you want.

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