All About the iOS 15: 10 Hidden Features You Need To Know

Bethany Walsh

Aug 05, 2022


Numerous safeguards exist on iPhones and iPads from Apple to ensure your privacy. However, new security and privacy enhancements are available in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Emails can be blocked, and your online activities can be concealed. Track insecure passwords, keep an eye on the access granted to apps, and more. It's possible for marketers and email service providers to track your every move within the Mail app and use that data for their ends. They can find out when and where you were when you opened the email in question. To prevent this, Apple has included a new security feature in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 called Secure Mail Activity.

Hidden Features of iOS 15:

Translate wherever

With iOS 15, you can translate any text on your screen. This function can be used in nearly every programme where picking the Text to translate is possible. Like copying and pasting, you can select a chunk of Text by holding the home button and dragging the cursor over the Text's beginning and ending points. The secondary menu now includes a translation option (in certain apps, you may need to press the right arrow to view additional options).

Be aware of the app's activity

With iOS 15, Apple has given you a powerful new tool to monitor which apps access your phone's data and features. Preferences That Can Be Modified Then select Privacy and go to the bottom of the page to start recording app use. You'll need to activate this feature in the top right corner of your screen. It will generate a seven-day report detailing each app's usage of your device's microphone, camera, and internet connection. Return to this page in a week for the complete report.

Get real-time precipitation alerts

We can't wait for iOS 15's The Weather app and widget next-time precipitation notifications to become available. Apple's 2020 acquisition of Dark Sky's app and service was a big deal. You'll be notified if snow or rain is expected to begin or end within the next hour.

Send to Siri

It may not be easy to distribute material created for the Internet. Images, URLs, and URLs can all be copied. To copy, go to Messages and press. With iOS 15, Apple has included the virtual assistant Siri. Tell Siri to "share" something with someone by saying, "Hey Siri, send this to [name]" or "share this with [name]", and the information will be forwarded via messages. You can feel the ease. A few minutes later, Siri will ask if you're ready to send the finished product. If you say yes, that's it. There is no message editing or copying because menus are not shared.

Choose the right text size for each application

For a long time now, you've been able to change the text size for the entire system, but with iOS 15, you can now change the size of Text for specific apps.

Set Recovery and Legacy Contacts

The importance of having an Apple ID and using iCloud grows annually. If you lose access, you will be unable to access any cloud-based services, including those for purchasing, storing, or retrieving data or images. There are two new, helpful features in iOS 15. Retrieving Your Account If you forget your password, Apple will alert the people you've designated. Your information is safe from them. However, they will be informed of the password reset codes when you are locked out of your device.

The Scan text can be found (almost) anywhere

The iOS Camera and Photos apps now feature a new editing tool called "Live Text," which lets you select Text from within a photo. You can use this technology to type in just about any environment. You can use a tap to bring up a menu for choosing Text in any input box you come across (like copy and paste). A square bracket and line-drawn Scan Text option appear if no text is selected. This may be the case if several alternatives exist, but only one icon is shown.

Follow the status of your iPhone even without electricity

If you're worried about losing your iPhone, Finding My iPhone is a fantastic tool for keeping tabs on that possibility. However, if your iPhone is stolen, the thief needs only lower the volume to disable the tracking system. The app will show your device's location if you have to Find I turned on in Settings.

Do not turn on the lights. Power off

The Night Mode is a great new addition to the Camera app on modern iPhones. Even if an image was captured at night, it could be altered to look like something else entirely. Instances arise where the feature's striking black-colored effect is desired, but disabling Night Mode would be impractical. To turn off Night Mode, you must set the timer to 0 seconds.

Change the speed at which video playback is played back

YouTube and other apps could adjust playback speed for some time, but the iPhone's built-in video player has not. The default iOS 15 video player supports variable playback speeds, making it suitable for use with locally stored videos and those sourced from the web.


Apple's latest iOS update adds several new features, including improved video calling quality via FaceTime and a dedicated "focus mode" for increased productivity while using the app. Live Text, now integrated with the latest version of Apple Maps, plus lots more!

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