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Martin Wilson

Oct 11, 2022

ZippyShare (opens in a new tab) has been around for longer than many other file-sharing services that are now available. Files may be transferred and shared using ZippyShare, an interesting feature that allows users to do so without first registering with the site. If you want to use the service regularly, it is recommended that you establish an account to access some helpful features and use this option when it comes to sharing a file or two swiftly. Before we get into its functionality, it is important to remember that ZippyShare is primarily a solution for sharing files with others. In other words, you shouldn't be shocked if it lacks some of the features that you'll receive with other services since you shouldn't expect it to have them all.


It is nearly unheard of for file sharing services to provide limitless storage space, yet ZippyShare does, making this one of the most notable characteristics of the file hosting platform. However, the total size of any individual upload is limited to no more than 500 megabytes. This should not be a barrier for the vast majority of lawful usage, and it is enforced to discourage users from making illicit use of the service to exchange files.

Therefore, if any of your files have not been downloaded in the most recent thirty days, ZippyShare will permanently erase them. There is no trash can from which you may retrieve the deleted files. Thus, this option is unavailable. If you want to be able to share the files that were deleted, you will need to upload them to your ZippyShare account once again.

Interaction and application

As I said previously, you do not need to sign up for an account to utilize the service, but doing so will improve your experience. You will not have the benefit of a single sign-on, but other than that, it will take nothing more than your name and your login credentials. The user interface for uploading files has not changed; it consists of a plain text box into which you may drag and drop any number of files and folders. ZippyShare will update each file's status while it is being uploaded to the server. Again, this comes as a surprise when one considers that there is no charge associated with using the service, but the uploads are swift, and there are no artificial delays. ZippyShare will immediately distribute a file when uploaded and broadcast the URLs necessary to access the content.

Downloads and Applications

Regarding applications, ZippyShare does not provide anything to get excited about. It differs from other products because browser add-ons do not complement the web interface. In addition, the service does not provide any applications for mobile devices. Accessing ZippyShare via the web browser on your mobile device is required for you to be able to upload and share material from your phone.

There is a desktop application available for the service. However, it is exclusive to Windows. Even in that case, the app is little more than a tool to aid uploading. You can upload several files using the app; however, similar to the web app; you will need to queue them up before selecting the option to submit them all at once. After files have been uploaded to your account, both the web app and the desktop software will generate URLs for the files, much as the web app does.

The Competition

In addition, advertisements are used to maintain MediaFire's (link opens in new tab) free account. However, whereas you may remove advertisements from your experience by upgrading to a premium account, it is frustrating that Zippy Share does not provide a comparable alternative. The absence of privacy settings is the issue for me, even though I can still tolerate the advertisements.

You have the opportunity to designate uploads as private using both its online and desktop uploaders, and these files will not be automatically shared with others. You also have the option of password-protecting folders, which, if shared, will need to enter the password to access the data contained therein. And with that, we're done. You will be dissatisfied if you seek access restrictions or two-factor authentication, which are included with the free account offered by Mega (opens in a new tab).

Additionally, Mega's encryption features left quite an impression on us. Although ZippyShare will route all transfers over an HTTPS connection, it does not perform end-to-end encryption (opens in a new tab), which is an additional function that should be included in a file sharing service, particularly if you want to use the service regularly.

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